What hijab style suits you?


Women who don’t wear the hijab carefully choose their haircut and their hair colour to frame their features. But when you wear a hijab, how do you pick a style that suits the shape of your face?


Whether you’re an oval or a heart-shape, here are hijab styles made for you:


  1. Oval


Don’t be mad, but if you’re an oval, your face shape is the most common. But that means you won’t struggle to pull off any hijab look either. Win-win. Oval face shapes usually mean great cheekbones too, so you can take your pick when it comes to choosing a hijab look.


Why not try a loosely-draped hijab style that frames your face and hangs a little loose? Use an undercap to make your face look less round, and don’t be afraid to mix it up and be playful with your colours, too.


We’ve got plenty of undercaps and loose hijabs for you to pick from…

 2. Long


Do you get tired of people telling you that you’ve got a long face? Well don’t be. It’s easy to add volume to your hijab style with one of our clips. And here’s a top tip–you’ve got the perfect face shape for a turban hijab. Cool, and chic.

 3. Round


If you’ve been blessed with a rounder face, a loose style suits you best. By adding some looser folds where your cheekbones sit, you’ll emphasise your features.


Plus, a looser hijab means you can add more texture and folds to your hijab so your face looks less round.

 4. Square


Apart from having a jawline that models would pay for, it also means that you can pick basically any hijab, and still look like a super-modest-model. Tight or loose styles of hijab? That’s down to you. Turn the world into your catwalk with an injection of colour if you’re feeling brave.

 5.Heart shape


Love your face shape! A slight point at the top of your hijab will elongate your face a little and draw attention to your perfectly-proportioned features. Sweep your hijab over your shoulder to give yourself comfort and sass.

 6. Diamond


Don’t feel like your diamond-shaped face is an obstacle to choosing the right hijab for you. You’ve probably got very angular features and strong bone structure. With your enviable cheekbones, you can go for a turban or a looser hijab–you suit them all.


Need help picking your next hijab? We’ve got hijabs of all fabrics and colours for you, whatever your face shape.


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