Dressing modestly: when more is more


What has London Fashion Week taught us this year?


Yes, there are plenty of models wearing less. But being on-trend doesn’t mean you have to bare your flesh. You can be modest and be a la mode.


It’s probably fair to say that Muslim women have become better at adapting fast fashion to fit their need to be modest. Maybe you layer a cami dress with a roll-neck top, or you pair your mom jeans with a baggy sweatshirt.


There might have been a time when you only wore an abaya if you were going to a mosque or to visit your auntie who thinks having your ankles on show is haram.


But now, abayas aren’t just for your conservative aunties. They’re for you too.


Here are three of our abayas you can choose to dress up (and down) this autumn…


  1. Velvet abayas


That’s right. The days are getting shorter. It’s dark when you leave for work and it’s dark when you arrive home. That means you need an abaya that’s going to keep you warm…


Enter the velvet abaya. It’s warm, it’s tres chic. And with lace sleeves, it’s on-trend and autumnal. Perfect with boots for day-to-day wear, or stilettos for a dinner date with friends.


Shop Razan for that perfect sumptuous velvet look.


  1. Nail your party look


Whether it’s your best friend’s Nikah, or a women’s-only event, dare to be bold in one of our sheer abayas.


Wear a sheer pearl or diamante kimono over your favourite black ensemble, or over a maxi dress for a light layered look.


Shop the sheer pearl kimono abaya here and here’s the sheer diamante abaya too.


  1. Ditch the black


Yes, black’s always a fail-safe for any occasion. But sometimes you want to switch it up and leave your classic black abaya and be a bit more adventurous.


Burnt red or burgundy abayas are the perfect seasonal transitional pieces. With 3D flowers, you’ll never fade into the background. Dazzle in sequins and beads, and with a matching hijab, you don’t need to worry about finding one to match.


Don’t let Saba get away.


Be modest and modern with Arabesque’s abayas this autumn.


Shop here.