We often receive  questions relating to how we can have a modest winter wardrobe, using the products we have available online.


Firstly, the feature we love in abayas is that they are so versatile, not only can they be dressed up or down, but also dressed differently as per season. Hijabs can be styled differently for winter and summer and doesn’t solely depend on the hijab material.


When we see the term ‘Winter Abaya’, velvet abayas often spring to mind. Velvet is a timeless material that’s chic, durable and keeps you warm. Two of our most best selling Abayas are the Rama Abaya and Razan Abaya. Without a doubt they are both our Winter Favourites.


Another characteristic of a Winter Abaya that you could keep in mind, is narrow sleeves. This allows you to layer over your abaya with little discomfort. The most practical abayas are commonly straight cut which make it the most reasonable for day to day wear and ideal for a school run. Our Plain Abayas,


On the contrary Batwing Abayas allow you to layer beneath the abaya so that it’s almost that you are using the Abaya as a modest overlay, which keeps your outfit pretty and feminine that is an easy throw-on piece for your daily repertoire.


Moving on to Hijabs, its just as important to keep your head and neck warm. This is also down to layering, hijab style and the hijab material. There are a number of Hijab tutorials that are perfect for the cooler months:


  1. Viscose Hijabs or medium thickness hijabs often work with this style. Firstly wrap the hijab over your head then around your neck. This style provides extra warmth for your neck and is also an elevated style on a classic look.
  2. With a longer hijab (approximately two metres in length), have one side short and the other very long. Wrap the the long side over your head twice, this is a double layering style hijab.
  3. Square hijabs are ideal for polo necks. Not only are they neat and easy to wear but it can also be easily tucked into a high neck blouse without too much material being loose.


We would also recommend hijabs that contain percentages of wool or cashmere. For example our Cashmere Blend Hijabs or Pashmina Hijabs. These are ideal fabrics for the colder months of the year and are commonly labelled as the ‘Winter Hijabs’. We would say that Cashmere Blend Hijabs and Pashmina hijabs are almost definitely a winter staple and an essential piece for a Winter Wardrobe.


Another characteristic to keep in mind is the length of the hijab, this is useful when it comes to layering, the longer the hijab is, the more layers you can get out of it.