About us

Arabesque | Designer Abayas, Hijab, Jilbabs, Kaftans & Modest Clothing Store.

Arabesque is an international modest clothing brand that encourages the concept of modesty within the fashion sector. We specialise in a range of fashionable Abayas, Jilbabs, Hijabs and Kaftans.

To start with, we understand that every women has her own unique style and taste, that’s why our goal is to cater for all. We offer a bespoke range of abayas that not only conceals, but accentuates the body in a modest manner. This embraces that becoming a fashion icon does not necessarily entail of revealing flesh. After all modesty is beauty.

Arabesque like to show the world that Abayas and Jilbabs are not only traditional but liberating. Proving that modest is not boring. Therefore, we source a large variety of modest Muslim attire. From our exclusive designer Abayas that entail colourful designs with a bit of an Arabian twist, to the classic Abaya that’s perfect for running your errands.

As a family run business, we are committed to customer satisfaction and it is our number one priority. Our dedicated and professional company will continuously deal with our clients respectfully and aim to always leave the customer happy. Ultimately, our objective is to bring our clients the featured unique modest fashion trends at affordable prices coupled with a pleasurable experience.

We wish you a first class experience shopping here at Arabesque.

Arabesque | Elegance by design