Each under scarf can serve a different purpose. We receive many requests asking what the similarities and differences are between each product we have.


So let's start with what is an under scarf?

The cap/bonnet is designed to be place directly over your hair in preparation for the hijab. It's commonly made out of a cotton blend or jersey material for extra comfort. Having said that some people prefer a lycra material that is made from a silky smooth fabric.

What is the purpose of an under scarf?

An under scarf helps to keep all your hair out of the way and to secure the hijab you place over it. 

Under scarves are especially required for silky hijabs that are most likely to slip off without a base. The base gives the hijab some structure and grip.


1. Tube Under Scarf:

 The Tube Under scarf is the most common and well known type of under scarf. It's in the shape of a tube and allows you to tuck your hair into it giving almost full coverage.


2. Tie Back Under Scarf

This type of under scarf is deemed to be more secured. Having two loose ends, you tie them under your hair bun or pony tail. Customers often feel that this under scarf feels more secure and has a more of a closed end at the back.


3. Plastic Front Under Scarf

This Plastic Front Under Scarf is extremely popular for those who purchase hijabs online or from our hijab store.

The plastic front gives the hijab shape and gives it a little more structure. With this Under scarf, you can choose whether you would like it to show or to be hidden under the hijab you are layering over it.

The Plastic Front Under scarf comes in two materials; Lycra and Polyester/jersey.



4. Ninja Under Scarf

The Ninja Under Scarf that can also dupe as a sports hijab. Its tight fit ensures that the hijab is not loose and secured. 

This type of under scarf is perfect for those that want a full coverage hijab style. It covers the head and neck and can be easily tucked into your shirt. It's also made from a jersey material thats stretchy and one size fits all.



5. Lace Tube Under Scarf

We can't keep our hands off luxurious lace. Lace is undoubtedly elegant and a lace under scarf is the best way to incorporate it into your outfit without over doing it.

The Lace Under scarf is also a tube style with one open end, almost like a headband. It keeps the hijab into position and adds a touch of elegance to your style.


6. Turban

Wearing a Turban has become a modest fashion statement. However not all of us have the time to style them ourselves. This turban is ready made and can be worn alone or paired with a sheer hijab over the top to add more coverage.


7. Lycra Under Scarf

This material is a unique one. It adds some grip to the hijab laid over but is also silky smooth. The soft touch fabric makes it popular.

It's currently available in two styles; Lycra Plastic Front under scarf and the Lycra Tube under scarf.