Taking care of your hair and maintaining a healthy look is what crosses a woman's mind almost everyday. We all want silky and lustrous locks but the question is how can we make it work with a hijab?

Recently many people have associated hair loss with wearing the hijab, however there are always other factors that are contributing to those that are suffering from hair loss. For instance; hormonal imbalance, dramatic weight loss, age and stress.


Here are some tips on hair care for hijab-wearing muslims:


A. Don't wear your hijab when you don't need to.

It's important to allow your hair to breathe. Exposing your hair to fresh air is always a good idea.


B. Avoid tying your hair too tight.

Whether you wear a hijab or not, its not the best to tie your hair too tight. Tugging on your hair will cause the roots to weaken which in turn will cause hair loss.


C. Tie your hair with a middle parting and avoid having it too high.

The most recommended way to tie your hair is by making a middle parting first. That way there is not as much tension on your hair line. Lower buns are also more recommended or you can use our voluminous hair clip or scrunchie to tie it up.


D. Use an Under Scarf

You can tie your hair more loosely and still pull off a neat and tidy hijab style with the help of an Under Scarf. The under scarf keeps your hair tucked away and secures the hijab into place.

Choosing the right material for your hijab is also important. Softer and stretchable fabrics that are not as abrasive will work best.

 Why not try out our Tie-Back Under Scarf?

E. Make sure your hair is dry.

Avoid wearing hijabs when your hair is wet, it will just trap in the moisture and that is not recommended.


F. Apply treatments or natural remedies to your hair.

 Pamper yourself on a weekend in with a hair mask or apply coconut oil to your hair from roots to ends. When we're talking hair, oils are your best friends.


These tips have worked for me and you will start to see less hair falling out, if you keep these top tips in mind. If for any reason it continues, it's best to contact your doctor to address the issue.