It's easy to get it all wrong and opt for a style that gives a bulky illusion and is far from an elegant and polished outlook. 

Sometimes even the most expensive ensemble will look cheaper because of the way it has been styled.

As much as we would like to be covered in white it's also not the most practical and realistic colour to dress with a rainy and gloomy forecast.

Here are the top Five Modest Winter Wardrobe mistakes everyone makes...

Top Tip #1: Don't dress in high maintenance hue

It's best to avoid light colours in the winter seasons and opt for more autumn tones. Light colours and light Abayas specifically, are not only high maintenance but it's risky, any small stain will show up immediately and let's admit it's irritating when you look on point with a stain ruining your elegant hue.


Top Tip #2: Don't add unnecessary layers

As nice as it is to switch up your style from time to time, but don't over do it.

Adding too many layers to your modest outfit could mean that it will look too bulky and slightly frumpy so to speak. It's also important to take into consideration your body shape. Search for pieces that compliment your body shape, keeping warm is key but you also want to keep in line with the latest trends.


Top Tip #3: Research the best fit for you

The last thing you would want is an ill-fitting item. Despite modest clothing designed to be loose, they can still look ill-fitting if they are too big, too small, too short or too tight.

Advice we always give to our customers, if you think the item is almost perfect but needs a little adjustment, then take it to a tailor. Because it can often be a challenge to find exactly what you want in a specific design and the exact size that you would adore.

We get many enquiries about recommended style for different body shapes. Drop us an email and our team and stylists will be able to help you choose the most suitable design and cut.


Top Tip #4: Pay attention to detail

Whether you have an Abaya with a missing button, or a Hijab with a stain...make sure your outfit is fully polished.

Don't forget to steam your clothes to make sure your outfit is a 10/10.


Top Tip #5: 

A luxurious bag is an essential accessory to compliment every outfit. Roomy bags are definitely advisable, not only are they more spacious but there are more essentials can fit in. For example; an umbrella, packet of tissues, soothers and medication if and when necessary.

It's stylish but also a practical choice to accessorise your modest outfit.