Modest dressing is a focus on the dressing style that conceals the body of the woman.
In recent times, the modest dressing has been gaining wide popularity and acceptance, especially in the West and the major fashion brands are starting to take note.
The modest dressing revolution is coming mainly from the modern-day Muslim women who are also fashionistas.

The global spending on fashion is expected to grow to $450 billion. A large part of this spending will be Muslim women with buying power.

The money in modest fashion

The Islamic clothing industry is estimated at a value of more than $240 billion (U.S. dollar). The luxury market of the Muslim fashion industry is also a multibillion-dollar industry.

The modest dressing has its origins from the east and is a part of the core Muslim fashion. The rise of modest dressing in the West can be described as an attempt to find common ground between faith and fashion in the modern world.

We should point out that modest fashion is not a new trend and has been around for many years. Islamic clothing styles which make up Muslim fashion which is now rising in the west comprise mainly the caftan, jilbabs and of course–the abaya.

And with more modest Muslim models gracing the covers of our magazines, it's proof that there's money to be made in making fashion modest. 

The abaya: your day-to-day outfit

For the trendy fashion-conscious woman, the abaya fits perfectly with her wardrobe.

You can comfortably and stylishly combine abayas with your day-to-day outfits.


While the Eid Abaya is an integral part of the modest dressing trend, for a fashionable look on a great day you can combine the abaya with a stylish belt.

Because the Abaya is opaline and comes in many colors and silk accents, you do not have to worry about how you can combine it with your day to day outfits.

The Eid abaya robe can be stylishly combined with your own hijab design for a unique look.

Integration of abayas into Western society

Abayas are being integrated into Western society, even though the styles of abayas differ from region to region.

The modern Muslim woman in the west is savvy and trendy and has been able to infuse their religious and cultural identities into their day-to-day fashion.

The integration of abayas as part of the modest dressing revolution has also been championed by Muslim fashion entrepreneurs. 

Eid abayas

Eid abayas being a part of Muslim fashion with its growing acceptance and has also seen a rise in the number of Abaya fashion shows around the world.

Modest Fashion Week takes place every year in London. The event was launched by online marketplace Haute Elan. After that event, other modest fashion events have followed.

In 2016, popular fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana took the Muslim fashion trend a step further with worldwide campaign images of stunning abaya collection.

And Eid abayas were prominent at the Fashion Forwards fall/winter show which was held in Dubai in April 2017.

Abayas are not missing on the runway as designers across the world from Paris to Milan, London to New York are trying hard not to miss the flowing elegance which abayas bring to the fashion table.

At the fifth season of the Kanye West Yeezy show in New York, models graced the runway in the abaya.


An increasing number of fashionable woman in the west are embracing the modest fashion trend and leading the trend is the Eid abaya. The rise of modest dressing in the west can also be attributed to the social media which has created a dynamic infusion of culture worldwide. The future of modest dressing in the West is bright.

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