When you wear an abaya, it's more than just rocking an Islamic fashion item in the Arab nations. Especially in Saudi Arabia, which is usually referred to as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

So, what is an abaya?

An abaya is a long robe or shroud, usually dark in colour. It is worn over a dress or an outfit and covers the entire body. Styles of abaya can change and some even include a hood.
You could even say that an abaya is a conventional hijab. Hijab alludes to the Islamic guidelines of concealing.

The Islamic abaya is generally made up of georgette or other delicate flowing polyester materials. It has a front crossover opening and can be simply pulled over standard apparel. It is regularly combined with a hijab or a niqab. Hijab here is the scarf which covers the head. The abaya is most common in the Islamic societies on the Arabian Peninsula. Are there rules for wearing an abaya?

What are the rules for wearing an abaya?

Even though Islam orders that ladies should cover themselves from being seen by men who are not their family, the abaya dress itself is unique in this region.
Different women will wear abayas for different reasons, but the most convincing inspiration originates from a blend of religion and culture.
There are several rules regarding the wearing of a Saudi Arabian abaya. They include:
  • The garment of the female must not be so thin that her body can be visible.
  • Her clothes must not be close-fitting or tight; rather they must be loose, as to avoid the figure and shape of the body being exposed and visible.
  • The cloth should be clean, pure and free from anything filthy and dirty, as purity is part of one’s faith (Iman).
  • Most of the time, the colour is usually black but with the introduction of various designs and colours, an individual can wear other colours but moderation is the key.

How should I wear an abaya when visiting Saudi Arabia?

When visiting Saudi Arabia wearing an Abaya is a must.

With several shops around, you can purchase a suitable and fashionable abaya. You can choose from Summer abaya designs that are suitable for hot weather.

The main item of business attire, or indeed any attire in a public setting, is the abaya, a long, black flowing robe similar to the thawb which covers the body entirely from the neck to the ankles.

Women will also wear a veil, or boshiya, which covers the lower part of the face, Saudi Arabian women also wear a head scarf. Any kind of formal footwear is appropriate.

Latest abaya designs

  • Coat-styled abaya 

A coat style abaya design can be rocked with fashionable hijab coupled with a waist belt.

This abaya is best for winter season and ideal for Arabian women.

  • Abaya with hats and cap

Planning a trip to the beach? Wear your hijab with a hat for a chic and modest look.

  • Abaya clothing with sparkle

A simple white abaya with gold and copper coloured embellishments can be the dream abaya for any bride.

  • Sequin-styled abaya 

Considering the way that this year is about allure and glitz, regardless of whether you discuss hair, cosmetics or outfits, sequinned abayas haven't been left out.

You can decide for the sequinned part to be only a straightforward neck area, on the abdominal area part or as boards running amidst the abaya. 

  • Batwing-style abaya 

You can simplify your abaya dress style with classical pieces of the Batwing elastic waist abayas/dresses.

This type of abaya/dress usually features an invisible pocket on both sides and are made up from a lightweight polyester material and loose fitting.