Most of us ladies are very picky when it comes to choosing our hijabs. It’s very often that we get customers asking “does this wash me out?”, or “do I look too dark in this shade?”.


The rest of us probably get carried away with making sure it matches our attire instead of matching the hijab to our skin tone.


So firstly, the most important thing is to figure out your skin tone; Light, Medium or Dark.


  • If your veins are green = Light Skin tone
  • If your veins are bluish green = Medium/ Neutral Skin tone
  • If your veins are bluish purple = Dark Skin tone


That should help you determine what skin tone category you fall under.


It is tempting to pick the latest clothing pieces in the market rather than the pieces that make you look modest the most. Despite it being difficult to choose the ideal hijab colour and material that suits your face shape and skin tone, at arabesque we stock a range of colours, materials and designs to cater for all.


Lighter skin tones:


Generally, if you fall under the lighter skin tone then darker colours and bolder colours are the ones that will complement you the most. Black is probably the go-to hijab colour for most however if you want to avoid wearing black, a dark nude coloured hijab will also blend well with your skin tone.


Having a lighter skin tone also means you can easily settle for a white hijab. If you’ve not tried it, give it a go I’m sure you’ll like it!


By all means dress Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Bright Pink and any other bold colours that will give your modest attire a splash of colour.


Medium Skin tones:


So, having a neutral skin tone is practically a mixture between light and dark. Subtle colours that are not too vibrant will complement medium skin tones perfectly. People all love the colour black and it’s probably because it suits so many skin tones and rarely singles anyone out. Again, Black hijabs are a go-to for people with medium skin tones, as is the colour beige. These colours enhance your looks.


Maroon, Light blue, Mint green, Brown, Pastel and Dusty Pinks are also a number of colours that will elevate your style.


Dark Skin tones:


This skin tone is definitely the most versatile which is where ‘Black is Beauty’ comes from. Having a dark skin tone means that almost any colour will blend nicely and suit your day to day attire. Having said that, it’s recommended to avoid colours that are virtually the same shade as your skin because it can look a little odd.


Shades of red, pastels, dark greens, khaki green, deep blues and neutral shades will all go well with your skin tone.



Let’s not forget these are all recommendations and what we usually advise our customers upon purchase. If you feel you can rock a certain colour, then don’t let anything stop you. After all, there aren’t strict rules in fashion, right?


Feel free to call in to our hijab store and meet our team for advice or for a personal shopping experience.


Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming blogs…