Who said Modest Clothing essentials must be boring?


Does it really mean you have to impede your sense of style?


No is the answer.


Shopping modest clothing essentials takes you to the basics first.

Being comfortable and confident is important, but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself and not be as trendy as you like.


Regardless of what your level of modesty is, this article will help you find inspiration for stylish pieces that are worth the investment.


The initial step is to invest in a few key and versatile pieces. Our Plain Closed Abaya is our best-selling item by far. You can layer this piece, accessorise and pair with multiple outfits. It’s an affordable Abaya that comes in a range of neutral colours that don’t limit you to the standard ‘black abaya’. The best bit is that these staples are timeless. Not only are they lightweight and ideal for trips to the Middle East, but also ideal for work wear and just switch up your hijab every day, or even the regular Quran classes you attend.


Open abayas are the second best. They give you the option to dress open or button closed, can be plain or patterned depending on your personal preference. With Open abayas, styling them open means that you can add a touch of elegance and chicness to your day to day outfit. Not only does it transcend from season to season but it's feminine, fashionable and effortless.


So, without a doubt an Open front Abaya is a wardrobe staple that you can get a lot of wear out throughout the whole year.


Essentials that couple with your abaya could be an extensive list, so prepare to enhance some volume into your wardrobe.


Jersey Hijabs are super comfortable and make you look effortlessly and instantly chic. Mix and match the colours and hijab styling for a casually cool or elegant look.


With any of our abayas you can layer our under garments. Our lace trimmed turtle neck tops come in three different colours, they work perfectly under sheer Eid abayas or kimonos so you won’t have to compromise if they are slightly immodest.