Modest fashion is a balance between being both Faith and Fashion conscious.

It goes without saying that 10 years ago, there were almost no choices for modest clothing. We have come a long way since and so has the entire fashion market, which is ultimately down to the young muslim demographic.

Muslim modest fashion is undoubtedly one of the biggest movements to come, not replacing current trends but as an addition to current styles and fashion events which we have seen already. 

Now here comes the question how can we follow our style without compromising our faith as such?

It's a recurring myth that muslim woman don't acquire a fashion sense. Modest muslim woman who choose to wear colours and patterns didn't tend to make it to the stereotypical grade. Wearing black is not a religious requirement, which was initially misunderstood.

The general guidelines to a modest muslim woman's attire is the following; loose clothing, should not be transparent and essentially not revealing. However there are variations depending on a range of factors including age, background and countries. From those a lots of them develop their own styles, identities and trends whilst keeping within the close parameters of our faith.

Reina Lewis, professor of cultural studies at the London College of Fashion, reiterates: “Muslim women come in a variety of religio-ethnic identities and in a range of aesthetics. That includes women who wear hijabs to women who don’t, young mums to skater girls, entrepreneurs to office workers.” But the basic demands we make of our clothing are the same, and that is how modest chic is becoming mainstream.


It's safe to say that Muslim Women are driving the fashion market forward and pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations.