It’s a common contemplation as to whether working in Saudi requires you to wear Abayas and hijabs.

Although the rules state that it isn’t necessary, modesty is viewed as an important and significant concept and most of our customers who travel to Saudi for work would still recommend wearing one or taking one as a safe option.

There is a selection of Abayas online which we recommend for work and travel specifically for modest fashion.

Border Abayas which come in the classic colours, grey, black and cream are currently the best-selling and most popular as they are open abayas that create a sophisticated look from their simplicity which offers effortless elegance and is the ideal choice for work.

Rather than a simple, sophisticated look you can also achieve a subtle glam look with the Faryal and Farah Abayas which emphasise practicality through the delicate diamante design making it ideal for working and travelling.

It’s true hijabs have become a non-compulsory aspect to a woman’s attire in certain areas of Saudi Arabia however it’s always best to stay on the safe side and to take a hijab as a matter of precaution.

Different hijab styles for example jersey hijabs give off an elegant touch to your overall look, they’re also easy to wear and come in a variety of colours and designs. Some are plain block colours, others are delicately embroidered with different patterns or materials such as floral, mesh or ribbed.

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