For this tutorial uploaded on our YouTube channel at Arabesque, we have chosen to use Arabesque’s crimped long hijab in the colour pink which is versatile and elegant with an addition of an under scarf and a volumizer hair clip.


1. The first style consists of placing the hijab so that the two ends are on each side of your shoulders, preferably the same length so that it creates a balanced look.


2. Secondly, gently wrap your hijab to suit the shape of your face and use a hijab pin or any safety pin to secure the hijab in place just under the chin. This can be adjusted to suit you.


3. Finally, take the one end of the scarf which falls at the front and cross wrap it so it effortlessly falls behind your shoulder and back. Do this for the other end so that they are both in that position. The completed style can be worn for an everyday modest fashion look that isn’t too time consuming or difficult.



1. For our second look, place the hijab so that one end to the front is shorter in length in comparison to the other end on the other side and use a pin to secure the hijab in place under the chin.


2. Next, take the longer end of the scarf and cross wrap this so it falls behind your shoulders and back. The crimped hijab used to complete the hijab looks provides some volume and puffiness and is very flexible in how you can adjust it to fit your own unique style.


3. Finally, you can leave the shorter side of the end of the scarf at the front where it was originally placed.


4. The longer end that was put to the back can also be brought to the front once it is wrapped once or twice around the neck for an additional style change and a third look.


These looks are quick wrap looks which are time-efficient, easy to replicate and can be worn with your everyday outfits or when in a rush. They are also perfect styles for beginners to practice as they are very simplified.