As Ramadan is approaching, we are greeting Spring, Summer and higher temperatures.

This means new trending colours and modest fashion to look forward to, while the classic Abayas and hijabs will stay forever stylish, there are plenty of new statement pieces designed with a variety of vibrant and festive colours to choose from.

This year’s trending colours include a range from Dark Greens, Purples, Blues and Maroons which complement the Arabian culture, rather than choosing traditional shades like black or white the new collection allows you to be able to step outside the box and have a choice from emerald greens, lilacs, sky blues and more.

The common Abayas from Dubai are made in a black fabric, nowadays we can find modern Abayas online that make it possible for women to choose embellished abayas in a variety of the popular colours and it doesn’t end there, hijab fashion is an essential addition to the high fashion abaya trends which also come in an array of new crisp and energetic colours ready to match your Ramadan look.

Speaking of trends, there exists a diversity of fresh new styles and detailing in abaya and hijab fashion which has evolved over the upcoming seasons. Beaded abayas have become increasingly popular as they are an elegant addition to any abaya style, for example you can take a look at the Arabesque Saba Abaya in the beaded abaya collection which is embroidered with deep black and rich maroon beads and sequins.

The decorated beads enriches the glamour of the abaya while still pulling off the modest look, perfect for Ramadan. As for lace, lace is timeless and will always be an ongoing trend from open abayas to closed abayas where it can be featured in the sleeves, as ruffles and intricate, delicate details; it is a statement piece for all abaya designs and collections.

Let’s take a sneak peak of the new arrivals for the upcoming Ramadan season, it might be difficult to fathom in the current cold weather but on the brighter side we have a collection of trendsetting designs and new materials waiting for you.

Batwing designs are an essential addition to your Ramadan abaya collection as they provide a relaxed fit, perfect for achieving the effortless graceful look.

You can also get the look with the new chiffon abaya appearances this season, the flattering design makes it an appropriate choice for occasion wear and the thin material makes it best suitable for the warmer months.

The pairings of these trends are endless with more than 45 new designs ready to be launched in including an assortment of lace fabrics and detailing for classiness and elegance.

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