One of the most challenging obstacles for Muslim women going to Hajj and Umrah is to keep covered, keep cool while also looking modest. The collection of Abaya dresses and Hijab styles offers a wide range of fashionable Islamic clothing and abayas online that are light weight, easy to care for and are perfect for hotter climates especially when travelling to hotter places 

This collection takes into consideration the practicality of the lighter materials that will be useful to make wise choices when going Hajj and Umrah shopping. The question is “what to look for?”

Abayas from Dubai are commonly manufactured using the material Nidha which is a luxurious, elegant and soft fabric and is 100% polyester therefore, is perfect for hot weather as it is light weight, comfortable to wear and durable as it doesn’t crease quickly and is an easy access to the modest and elegant look helping to find modesty online.

It makes for high quality airy Abayas such as open abayas with slip dresses; the most popular amongst abaya fashion and abayas in UK.

To elaborate on the question of what to take to Hajj or Umrah, from an experienced perspective, we would recommend taking 3-4 abayas to be on the safe side and ensure you are covered throughout the duration of your trip.

In terms of what style to lean towards, closed abayas are practical for modest fashion as they have the ability to cover what you are wearing whereas open abayas are easier to wear and it allows you to switch up your look with the use of different coloured slip dresses.

These can be paired with cross body bags with zips to assist with care for your personal belongings, belts and light coloured hijabs online including lilacs, light blues, mauve, light beige and more to avoid absorbing the heat but still creating a well-dressed look.

Abayas can also be styled with smaller pieces to have an addition of modesty for example, modesty neck covers, connected sleeves, under scarves and one pieces which help achieve simplicity and modesty.