Styles of hijabs

Hijab is not just a simple piece of cloth that covers your head. It is an approach to modesty. It is a way of living with grace and elegance. But in the present world, people judge others by the appearances. Some people think that covering the head negatively affects your overall appearance. We don’t agree with that. We truly believe that wearing hijab can add to your aesthetic appeal. You can do this by switching up your Hijab style depending on your mood and daily routine.

We understand that it sometimes becomes difficult to keep up the fashionable appearance with wearing hijab. But you can attempt to by changing how you dress your scarf. Interestingly, you can try out different styles of hijab and add a unique touch to your appearance. If you want to look different, chic and modest all at the same time, we can help you out.

Here are some beautiful styles of hijabs that you can try... 

Turban hijab

The turban style hijab has grown massively popular these days. You might also have seen people wearing the hijab in turban style. For covering your head in this style, all you need a head wrap, a long scarf and a couple of pins. You can search for online tutorials for how to tie Turban Hijab.

One piece hijabs

For those who find it challenging to style their hijabs in multiple styles, here is a practical option. You can get the one piece hijabs that are ready to wear. You won’t have to use any pins or accessories. Different designs of these one piece hijabs are available on our online hijab shop. Just grab your favourite colour, and stylishly dress yourself.

Layered hijabs

If you have a long scarf and you want to drape yourself in it in a stylish way, making multiple visible folds can be an appealing option. By wearing a layered scarf, you look stylish yet modest.

Turkish style

You might have heard about the Turkish style as it has become a prevalent one.  In this style, you drape your head scarf in a way that gives your face a diamond shape. If you have scarfs with fancy borders, try to tie it in Turkish style. This is very suitable for formal occasions.

In addition to these options, you can also try out countless styles. You just have to be creative. Buy some scarf pins and accessories, and stock some trendy hijab caps and head wraps. These will help you to try different styles. Using the rope belts, under scarfs and fancy pins and clips, you can adopt any hijab style you want.

Being modest does not have to be boring. You can make it exciting and fun by being a bit innovative. Unleash your creativity, get some accessories and personalise your hijab in any way you want.