For women who wear abayas, whether it's sweltering outside or the weather is cold, they always find some way out to dress modestly.

Abayas come in different styles and, and you should choose the appropriate one by considering the weather. Among the different styles, the open abayas are very popular in the UK.

Most of the ladies love wearing these as they look more fashionable and trendy.  These are easy to wear and look more stylish than the closed ones. Therefore, for those who want to look chic while maintaining a modest outlook, the open abayas are a great option.

The only problem with these abayas is that women may not find them suitable for the Winter. When there is cold outside, you may feel uncomfortable with an open abaya.

Cold climates and modest clothing

For those who are looking for modest clothing options in colder weather, velvet abayas are the best.

They provide a soft, warm and very comforting feel and look stylish as well. Plus, they're highly durable.

Abayas made with premium velvet keep you warm, and hence these are the best choice for cold climates.

Stay tuned for our new winter collection of velvet abayas.