Modest wear clothing range has hit the fashion mainstream hard and fast. At the AW18 shows, hijabs were on the runways of most major designer including Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Alexander Wang and many many more.
Modest fashion is also making its way on to the high street where the likes of Debenhams and John Lewis are showcasing hijabi models on their online pages.
The easy access of Islamic clothing online is a great thing. Muslim women who want to express themselves through their modest clothes are loving the increase in choice they now have.
There is a shift in the attitude and perception of young Muslim women towards fashion. In the social media age, everyone can see what their friends, family, favourite celebrity and hijabi bloggers are wearing. The collaboration between fashion and social media is a marriage made in heaven for those who seek daily inspiration at their fingertips through their smartphones.
Once the celebrity or hijabi blogger's picture hit the net or posted on Instagram (often with the brand tag) their outfit can be found and purchased easily.
With this concept of fast fashion, new trends are being created and spread on daily basis. Which means keeping up with "the latest" is a hard task and getting ahead is even harder.
Here at Arabesque, we are proud to introduce the latest abaya and hijab designs from Dubai, where we have successfully embraced not only the must-have designs and material of the 2019, but also the colours in our wide range of products.
Pantone introduced "living coral" as this year's colour of the year. As a leading abaya and hijab brand, we have made sure that our new collection includes a beautiful selection of abayas and Hhjabs in this colour.