Let’s face it. When the weather starts to heat up, it can get more than a little bit hot under your hijab, right?


But the summer is when it’s time to turn on your out-of-office and take a well-deserved break.


When we’re looking at holiday destinations and temperatures can reach 40 degrees, how do you dress for the weather, and stay modest?


Well, now it’s easier than ever to find hijabi-style inspo with a little help from your favourite Instagram bloggers. And here’s how they do it…


  1. Making maxi dresses halal.


You know the score. You find the perfect maxi dress. But then you turn it around, and it’s backless.


But you can make your maxi dress hijab-friendly with a little help from layering accessories.


So, if your dream maxi dress scoops low at the back, or is a deep-v at the front, a modesty neck cover could be exactly what you’re looking for.


We’ve got a whole range of colours, whatever the colour of your dress to match. Check them out here.


If it’s the short sleeves that are bothering you there’s always the option to wear sleeve extenders so you don’t need to wear another t-shirt underneath.


That way, your arms are covered, but you don’t need to wear an extra layer, especially in the heat. And with a cute lace trim, lycra, or even diamante options, they’re a light and chic addition to your wardrobe.


Maxi dresses made modest–just like that. Magic.


  1. Mix up your hijab style on holiday


Maybe you’ve never worn a turban-style hijab because you’re worried about your neck being on show…


Here’s a cool cream option for you.



But we’ve got plenty of hijabs to keep you cool in even the hottest weather.


So whether you’re thinking about getting some lighter pastel shades to go with your summery outfits, or some crepe breathable fabrics, we’ve got hijabs to keep you covered for your whole holiday.


Take a look here.


  1. Abayas come in more than just black…


Yes, you might have a wardrobe of black abayas. And there’s nothing wrong with cracking out a classic black abaya for an evening dinner.


But for daytime wear, and especially in the sun, have you thought about an abaya in a light breathable fabric that’s not going to absorb the sun’s heat?


Luckily, we’ve got abayas in every shade you can imagine. So whether you’re after a sparkly evening abaya, or a pastel pink abaya, we’ve got something for you.


Have you got a hijabi fashion blogger who does modest dressing the best?


Tag them below and we’ll feature them in our next post on modest fashion bloggers switching up the fashion game for Muslim women.


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