Get Exclusive, Designer Abayas, Hijab and Jilbabs online from Dubai
Arabesque is an Abayas, jilbabs and hijabs store that specializes in stylish Hijabs and fashionable abayas from Dubai. At Arabesque, we have noticed how Hijabs and Abayas or even modest fashion in general, have increased in popularity over the years, now more than ever. These trends have taken a mainstream position in the modest fashion world, especially to the Muslim communities globally. Perhaps what’s motivating are the exclusive designs, and the mix of high-quality fabrics used to make our abayas. Our abayas and hijabs offer you a different but astonishing way to style them that is exclusive to our brand.

Where do we get our abayas from?

To Start with, we don’t get abayas from anywhere in the world. Our abayas are made in Dubai- United Arab Emirates. Over the years we have been dealing with modern abayas, and they have turned out to be trendy with regards to new patterns and designs in the modest Islamic clothing industry. This year, we showcased our latest collections of Dubai abayas at the Muslim Lifestyle expo in Manchester and the London Lifestyle Show on their catwalks, the results were even better than we expected. Our designer collections are made with hand-picked materials and are often Limited Edition.

Why should you choose our Abayas, jilbabs and Hijabs?

There are many reasons why people love our style. The fact that they come from Dubai, what can be said when it’s the capital of stylish hijabs and abayas, it makes all the difference. The exquisite outline of our abayas with designs constantly selling out means that our customers are pleased with what we provide. We love to encourage modesty in coordination with elegance since our clothing collection is all about; Dubai Abayas, fashionable abayas, stylish abayas, designer abayas and easy to wear hijabs, it has translated into a fast-growing website and customer base. We ensure that customers are always happy with their purchases and aim to provide the best customer shopping experience.

Another thing you need to know is the fact that you won’t need to visit our store to purchase what you want. You can easily buy abayas online by visiting our website at to place an order for the abayas or hijab of your choice. We ship worldwide to almost all regions of the world. Abayas online is the easiest way our customers can get what they want in the shortest time possible. With a vast range of affordable abaya designs, including ones from our classic collections that are uniquely designed by us.

Stylish & Designer Abayas Jilbabs online
We hold a special range of hijabs online, such as square hijabs, plain hijabs, long hijabs, ready to wear hijabs and more. These ranges are available on our online hijab store. Plain Square hijabs are what we specialize in, they are mainly made in Turkey and are available in over 10 different shades. They are the fastest selling hijabs on our online hijab shop.

Hijabs and abaya designs are becoming prominent in western countries, but at the same time, they never lose their significant role in Islam and that’s what we like to promote. Arabesque is a popular store in the UK for stylish hijabs and fashionable abayas brought to you from Dubai. It’s a place where you can find incredible ideas about the Muslim and modest fashion world. We provide exclusive easy to wear hijabs, accessories and abayas and jilbabs online.

The next thing you should do to find out more about our Dubai abayas and hijabs is visit our website for more exquisite collections and abaya designs.

We are also offering high quality Designer Bridal Abaya online for your pleasingly graceful appearance on your special day.