Abayas & Jilbabs Online – Modern, Designer & Stylish Abaya, Jilbabs, Kaftans Store in UK by Arabesque

Traditionally an abaya is a long black garment that is loose and is worn by women in some parts of the Middle-eastern Muslim world.

However, at Arabesque we love to combine traditional Arabian clothing with a modern and fashionable twist. Our catalog of fashionable Abaya’s is exclusive to us and available to purchase from our online jilbabs abaya store. From the plain and practical abaya to the stylish pearl bead detailing, we have it all. As a brand, we encourage modest clothing and provide accessories that are perfectly suited to the modest but western female that likes to keep pace with the world.

We specialize in stylish abayas that entail of a large range of sizes, designs, and cuts such as a black classic abaya, batwing abayas, jilbabs, A-line abayas, closed abayas, open abayas and of course modern abayas. Our abayas cater for all occasions and are at great affordable prices.

Abaya Jilbabs Online UK- Arabian clothing and Dubai Style Abaya’s

Abayas have not only become a cultural piece of clothing but have recently evolved into a fashion statement. It’ s no longer the typical Islamic attire but a fashion piece that integrates with both the traditional and western communities. The modern abaya can now be dressed by all, and that’s what we love to promote through our exclusive ranges. People of all ages and backgrounds have begun to wear it and dress it in their own unique way.

Arabesque is a modest clothing brand that sells Muslim dresses, Dubai Abaya’s and jilbabs online and instore. We specialize in unique fashionable abayas and garments that are made in Dubai. Abaya dressesare now becoming the leading modest fashion trend and are increasingly becoming a fashion statement globally.

Arabesque strives to bring to you the most recent Dubai style Abaya’s to the United Kingdom as well as on an international scale. As a modest fashion brand that sells Islamic clothing online, we want to cater for all.

We stock modest Abayas, stylish Abayas, open Abayas, closed Abayas, umbrella Abayas and Muslim dresses in a range of styles and designs. From the classic and simple Abaya all the way to a jazzy and bespoke Bridal Abaya!

We stock a large variety of hijabs and abayas online… because an outfit is not complete without a matching hijab, right?

We have over 30 different hijab styles on our website and over 100 different designs in store! Not only do we care about the Abaya and hijab, but also your comfort. By this, we mean our classic range of clothing and accessories. This includes our best-selling sleeveless slip dresses, our under-scarf selection to keep your hijabs into place, and our classy under-garment sleeves to keep your Abaya’s and outfits modest!