Modest Fashion has been casting an eye over wardrobes on a global scale. High end brands are increasingly becoming popular in fashion.

With global modest fashion worth billions and the figures are set to rise even further.


The definition of modesty is ideally interpreted as a piece of clothing that covers and conceals rather than accentuates the female figure. The item/s of clothing can be anything from trousers, skirts, maxi dresses, Abayas, Hijabs, Burkas, Kimonos and many more.


Being trendy and modest was quite a challenge a few years back so the rise in modest fashion came about when brands began to notice the gap in the market. Young western women were limited with their choices. Modest fashion influencers created a huge amount of awareness for businesses to fill in the gap, if the influencers hadn't already set up a business themselves.

Modest fashion influencers and bloggers have used the social media platforms as a place to express their individuality which in turn brought about the awareness.


Our Top Picks for Ranges that are Trendy and Modest:

1. Lace Hijabs

Arabesque's signature look entails of a Lace hijab. It's classy, elegant, can be dressed up or down and exclusive to us. They can also be worn as turbans or full coverage hijabs.


2. Plain Closed Coloured Abayas

We have a range of Plain closed Abayas in a unique selection of colours; Black, Navy, Olive, Cream, Pink, Brown and Grey.

Plain Closed Abayas are timeless and will see you through the whole year. Not only can you layer over them for the cooler months but the selection of colours can be worn all year round.

3. Open Abayas

We specialise in Open Front Abayas. With a huge online presence and the most popular being the Open Abayas, we can confidently say they are continuously on trend. Open Front Abayas have snap fasteners at the front giving you the option to leave it open or keep it closed depending on your preference. Being able to dress an abaya in more than one style, shows the item is adaptable and you will make the most out of it.

4. Batwing Abayas

Batwing or Cape Abayas have proven to be a timeless piece. Without a doubt it's one of the most modest designs. The fact that it completely conceals the shape of the body has kept it as being one of the most requested designs in the Abaya online market.


In reality, there is a vast range of items that can keep you trendy and modest. What we love at Arabesque is that there are limitless options.