Abayas used to always be black. Some ladies still prefer to wear the plain black abayas, but there are so many more available.

In this day and age where trends have shifted, and we have entered a modern world, there has been a massive growth and revolution in abaya industry as well.

You can buy abayas online in multiple different colours and designs. If you are tired of wearing the same black abayas, it could be time for a change.

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Does a jilbab have to be black?

Definitely not! 

There was a time when only a limited variety of jilbabs were available.

But you know what; it does not have to be black at all. The purpose is to dress up modestly, right? What does modesty have to do with colour?

You can wear any colour you want, especially with abayas that are readily available in a diverse range of exquisite colours

Abayas and women in Islam

Women in Islam are usually identified by how they present themselves.

Many Muslim women like to wear abayas that keep them covered and add grace to their personality.

It is often said that modesty is the crown for ladies. 

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