Tired of wearing a Black Abaya?


Variety of Abayas online

Initially, the abayas used to be black in color. Some ladies still prefer to wear the plain black abayas, but these are not the only ones available. In this day and age where trends have shifted, and we have entered a modern world, there has been a massive growth and revolution in abaya industry as well. These days, you can buy abayas online in multiple different colors and designs. If you are tired of wearing the same black abayas, you can go for a change. You can wear any color and change your outlook in a decent way. Besides, the online availability has made things very easy. We provide a vast collection of latest designs and styles in a range of beautiful colors. Check our online catalogue, and you will surely find something trendy yet modest at a very reasonable rate.

Does a Jilbab have to be black?

Definitely not! The old trends are gone. There was a time when only a limited variety of jilbabs was there. The majority preferred to wear simple and black abayas. At that time, it was considered that your jilbab has to be black. But you know what; it does not have to be black at all. The purpose is to dress up modestly, right? What does modesty have to do with color? You can wear any color you want. Black is not a compulsion. Now the abayas are readily available in a diverse range of exquisite colors. You can select the one of your choice and look decent and beautiful at the same time.

Abayas and women in Islam

Women in Islam are usually identified by how they present themselves. Being a Muslim lady, you have to be decent at what you wear. That’s why many of the ladies like to wear abayas that keep them appropriately covered and add grace to their personality. But the thing is, we have to keep our selves updated to move with the changing world. In this materialistic world, people tend to judge you by how you look. Therefore, you should be careful about what you select to wear. If you want to look modest and stylish at the same time, wearing new style abayas is the best option. There are many options easily accessible online.

It is often said that modesty is the crown for ladies. Yes, it is. The Muslim women and abayas are often linked together. No doubt, an abaya is perfect women wear.  But the women of the modern world cannot stick to the same old abayas.

If you want to buy some new and chic abayas for looking stylish and graceful, we have got you covered. Whether you want to buy open abayas or you like the closed ones, we offer many options in both styles. Furthermore, batwing designs are also available.  Explore our excellent range and buy your favorite ones to look stunning.