Coordinate your look with our summer collection of women’s modest clothing co-ords and matching sets. Tailored styles can introduce some ease to your decision making on outfits in your wardrobe.


Arabesque has taken a step forward with modest fashion in introducing the new addition of COORDs in our latest collection.

The new COORDs  allow you to pick a matching outfit inspired by both modesty and modern fashion trends that help add elegance, style and class to your everyday or special occasion look.


Co-ords are a great addition to the wardrobe as they are one of the best options for summer outfit choices, they’re already matched up for you and the crepe material of our co-ords are breezy and easy to wear.

The colour pallet introduces commonly worn colours like Black and Navy, or a summery colour like nude.

The embroidery on these co-ords are delicately detailed and allow you to wear these on special occasions and events as they offer an elegant, fancy look and whether you want some fancy picks for Eid and other festive occasions, or you wish to grab something chic and nice for everyday wear we have got your back.


These two-piece coordinated outfits look good together but you can always go for a more relaxed look with your own choice of trousers or top from your wardrobe, to match with the co-ord pieces whether it be exchanging the embroidered outer layer co-ord piece with a normal top to match with your co-ord trousers, or switching it up to match the outer layer piece with some plain wide leg trousers you like, it can be a flexible outfit tailored casual days or events.