Let's be honest...it's always tempting to purchase a New Abaya in the New Year, right? 

New Year, New Abayas, New Hijabs...

But here we have Five ways to Update your modest wardrobe for the New Year without a huge bill coming in your direction.

In January, you need to keep warm and recover from all the Christmas events but at the same you unconsciously want a clean and polished closet to start the New Year.


So here's your solution...

1. Styling techniques


Take a look at New Styling techniques, for example have you ever thought of using two different hijabs in one look? For example, styling a turban but incorporation two hijabs to compliment your outfit. Not only does it look like a New Hijab, but also you're making the most out of your loved pieces.


2. Keep an eye out for Colour trends


Continued to be one of the biggest colour trends are blues and greens for the Year 2020. Pastel and earthy tones are continuously on trend. So why not accessories your outfit with a Mint Green Hijab or update your whole look with a Powder Blue Abaya that allows you to dress it up or down.


3. Dress up and also Layer up!


Abayas, Hijabs and modesty in general are versatile. As a brand we don't like to place rules and regulations. If you have a range of Plain Coloured Abayas that you want to make maximum use from, why not layer up?

For example Lace Abayas can add elegance but also dress up a simple Abaya for a fancy occasion. To add an extra feminine flair, pair the outfit with a rope belt, heels and a clutch. Just an idea for an AM to PM wardrobe.

Another idea for a twist on a classic look is the use of slip dresses. We can say for sure that they are a wardrobe staple. They are affordable, comfortable and adaptable. With a slip dress you have the choice to wear your chosen Abaya open or closed.


4. Invest in an All-in-one piece


Everyone is running a busy schedule and not many of us have extra time and money to spare. So it's important to find yourself an Abaya that will see you through to Spring and Summer (Top tip: Pastel tones usually work for both). Perfectly pleated Abayas and Ruched Abayas have also made a comeback. 


5. Step out of your comfort zone


Ditch your comfiest outfit and mix it up with something a little out of your zone. It can be daunting at first but once you have separated your ways it will make a huge difference. 

For an instant update you can try a different hijab style, ever thought of wearing Square Hijabs for once instead of the Classic Long Hijabs? Go on Give it a go...