Having a new baby is the most beautiful feeling in the world but nobody can deny the challenges that comes with the amazing experience of being a new parent.

Not being biased, but the challenge is more significant for the new mum and especially a Muslim new mum.

Can you imagine the difficulty of breastfeeding your new baby whilst out and about?

Here at Arabesque, we have the best solution for new mothers.

Our Shawl Abaya is the best abaya for breast feeding. The detachable front shawl gives your baby easy access and still gives you cover. So you can maintain your modesty and look after your baby.

But the challenge of being a mum doesn’t end at infant stage.

As a mother myself, I can definitely relate to those early morning chores of taking the young one to school and go for a super-fast shopping trip before coming home doing the usual tiding up and cooking dinner before dashing out again to collect them from their schools.

Which means the last thing you want to do is to worry about how you look and thinking about the dilemma that faces all Hijabi mums.

Do you have to sacrifice trendiness for comfort, or even worse, sacrifice modesty for practicality?

Here at Arabesque, we can help you be the most efficient and trendy mum you can be.

Our huge abaya range includes simple yet elegant abayas that are perfect for those hectic mornings and even for wedding season.