Wedding season is just around the corner. if you're going to be attending any weddings or special occasions and you're still debating on what to wear as a guest, we've got you covered. Abaya is the perfect outfit to choose from, our range of occasion wear abayas will keep you shining throughout the event. 


We have a variety of colours to choose from made with different fabrics, patterns and details such as lace, embroidery, diamente, chiffon, beads and many more the list goes on. When settling on the perfect abaya for you we've made it easier choosing the style of the abaya to suit the look you’re going for is the first step in picking the picture perfect Abaya for you. All our abayas guarantee you that elegant, dazzling look that’ll keep you shining throughout the wedding.


Our Batwing design abayas will have you moving ever so gracefully  such as our Burgundy Batwing abaya where the colour and the style will keep you feeling like you’re the centre of attention.


When choosing the design you really are spoilt for choice beadwork which is currently most on trend which have been designed ever so carefully to you that finishing touch such as our Reesh Abaya for that angelic look the pearls really highlights this beautiful abaya.


Our range of Lace designs where lace is timeless and always elegant suiting any occasion you’re attending our Hadeel abaya features the perfect lace design which is available in two colours the perfect pink or for a more classic look the black version both are show stopping pieces the chiffon fringing ends are trimmed with embellishment, the belt complements the abaya and gives it that wow factor.


 In addition to our range of designs how about an embroided abaya which have been sewn ever so intricately in the UAE which will never wear off our embroided design are also timeless and will always be in fashion, each of our embroided designs have their own unique print which will turn heads for sure. One of our customers favourite is the Asmahan Abaya which has taken an elevated take on the Moroccan style of heavy embroidery.


For that extra sparkle then one of our diamante abayas is the one to go for it’ll keep you feeling like star shining through the wedding one of our personal preferences at arabesque is our Azairia Abaya adding sophistication and style to your look the grey and beige diamante will have heads turning, for a more cinched effect draw in the belt to your look.


Add heels to the Abaya you end up falling in love with to give you that glamorous finishing touch, most of our Abayas have matching scarves however if you want that little extra something then our collection of Hijabs is where we can help; such as our Pearl Georgette Hijabs that have that soft feel combined with a luxurious look and there you have it you’ve got that flawless look.