10 Stylish Ways to Tie Your Hijab: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes Hijab Styling, Arabesque gives you the opportunity to explore different fabrics, shapes, and sizes of hijabs to suit your needs. We are your go-to online store to buy plain hijabs, patterned hijabs. In other words, we stock all the modest wear, accessories, and Hijabs online
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1. Easy Wear Hijab 

Customers often reach out to us for ‘Easy Hijabs’. This is what we specialise in!
We provide a range of Hijabs, also known as, Amira Hijabs. They are practical, easy hijabs and ideal for beginners and daily use. With modest medics that want a hassle free hijab, this is perfect. Our Amira Hijabs come in One-Piece and Two-Piece designs, for a more versatile look. They are both easy wear and sit in place and slip straight on! Nothing more.

2. Square Hijab Styling

Niche in the market these days are Square Hijabs. They can be often referred to as Turkish Hijab Fashion, as they are traditional hijab style in Turkey. 
Square hijabs are also fairly easy to style and wear. Fold the square Hijab into a triangle, and position it symmetrically in the middle with the longest side of the hijab on your front hair line. Pin the hijab into place under your chin, we recommend our anti-snag magnetic pins for our chiffon hijabs and silk hijabs. Finally tie back the loose ends for a more sophisticated look!
Fairly simple right?

3. Jersey Hijab Styling

Now when it comes to jersey hijab styling, we would say it is the most versatile fabric in the hijab industry. There are luxury jersey hijabs such as out Kashkha and Chally Hijab Collections. But also, our more casual range, Viscose Jersey hijabs and more. 
Jersey Hijabs can be worn pin-free and great for beginners. The most common way to styling a jersey hijab is by placing the hijab in line with your front hair line, with one end longer than the other. Carefully wrap the longer end around your head tightly, pin into position for a more sophisticated look. 
Having said that, we would also recommend jersey and viscose hijabs for turban styling. 
Jersey Hijabs

4. Turban Hijab Styling

In the last couple of years, turban hijab styling has become more of a trend. Despite Chiffon hijabs also making a comeback in the modest fashion market. Our range of viscose hijabs have been the most suitable when it comes to styling. The fabrics do not snag as easily and are versitle and can mould around into shape. For a turban style, centre the hijab with two loose ends symmetrically. Tie back the loose ends of the hijab towards the back of your neck. Now this is the fiddly part, wrap one of the ends into a bun on to the back of your head and pin into place (this one can be a little messy). The second loose end needs to be wrapped around the bun and tucked neatly inside to have a more seamless finish. There are plenty of hijab tutorials and hijab styling videos online that you can see to know the details of the style in hijab fashion.

5. Wrap Around

This hijab style suits almost every hijab fabric. It is a timeless style and can be dressed daily and for occasions. If you are a hijabi, this style would definitely be on the top of your list. 
Place the hijabs on your head with two loose ends. Depending on the length of the hijab you can shorten/lengthen each end. Place on end shorter than the other, and pin under your chin. Then wrap the longer end around your head about a third way back, and pin into position. Make sure it is a tight wrap, but not too tight. 

6. Loose Styling

Loose hijab styling has been trending since 2022. This is a fairly easy hijab style and simple look but can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. We recommend a hijab underscarf with this style as it also allows you to pin it into place. 
With a tube under scarf, place the hijab on your head with two loose ends the same length. You can either pin the top of the hijab to the under scarf or use a hijab tape to (invisibly) stick it into position. Now throw back the two loose ends. In other words the only place you need to pin the hijab is at the top of your head.

7. Layering Hijabs

This hijab style is more outgoing and not for daily use. 
It is common to wear a hijab in the loose styling method then layer a plain square hijab on top for contrast. Tie back the square hijab towards the back of your neck. This is ideal with a smaller sized square hijab. You can also layer a Plain Hijab over a patterned hijab etc. 

8. Modest Hijab Accessory Must-Haves

With the majority of these hijab styles, we would recommend out hijab accessories for a more seamless finish and to keep your hijab into position. Especially if you are in a full time job and you do not want a messy hijab style towards the end of the day.
Layer any of the hijabs over our hijab accessories for effortless elegance. That’s how we like it!

9. Earrings Out

Adding earrings and accessories will take your hijab style from, day to night. Adding a set of hoop earrings to our loose hijab style will not only dress you up but also allows you to style the hijab in many different ways. Plain Satin Hijabs and Plain Chiffon Hijabs are perfect for this kind of a look!

10. Throw Back Hijab

Last but not least, this hijab style is very similar to the loose style hijab. However, you will need to pin the hijab tightly under your chin and couple with a tube underscarf for a secure fix. With the two loose ends, you can either throw them back loosely or pin them together to the back of your neck to keep them into place. 
Now that’s 10 different style we would recommend in 2023 so far! Don’t forget hijabs are a modest fashion icon now and can be styled in any way you like, so play around and find what suits you and makes you feel in your comfort zone!